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Goalistics Chronic Pain Program

Northwest Spine and Pain Medicine partnered with Washington State University on a research program looking at efficacy of Goalistics Online Pain Program combined with health coaching at treating chronic pain. Validating the effectiveness of Goalistics Chronic Pain Program and other online modalities helps to increase the scope of treatment options readily available to those suffering from chronic pain.

Building Efficacy for Successful Opioid Tapering

It can be challenging to decrease or discontinue opioid pain medication. Northwest Spine and Pain Medicine is partnering with Goalistics, LLC to evaluate a new tool to help patients who are undergoing medically supervised opioid tapering. The development and testing of the Building Efficacy for Successful Tapering (BEST) Program is funded by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The online BEST Program was designed to:

  • Teach pain patients about different methods of pain management that don’t involve pain medication
  • Help them to build their own custom list of “pain reducers”
  • Allow them to track and test the effectiveness of each method
  • Identify the best strategies for them

Two studies are being conducted. The first study is a review of the BEST program by patients who are currently undergoing opioid tapering. Their feedback will help ensure that the BEST Program is user-friendly and beneficial to future program users. The second study is a pilot randomized controlled trial to examine the efficacy of the program.

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Citation: Bigand, T., Roberts. M., Lewis, J., Wilson, M. (2019). Coaching to increase engagement in online pain self-management program [abstract]. Pain Management Nursing, 20(2),96.