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About Patricia Fernandez, PsyD

Dr. Patricia Hernandez

Psychology Department Provider Profile

Dr. Fernandez completed her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Loma Linda University and finished her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Southern California. Her interest was in Health Psychology, working in the Pain Clinic, Hematology/Oncology and Craniofacial unit. Dr. Fernandez is committed to bridging gaps through integration, and in the healthcare field. She has been involved in research regarding the clinical aspect of cultural needs to help strengthen professional relationships within diverse backgrounds.

Trained in attachment-based psychodynamic and the unique needs of a medical community, Dr. Fernandez continues to work in an integrative model in modalities of group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy. Psychological testing, from neuropsychological examination to pre-surgical psychological assessments and emotional & cognitive diagnostics, is another area of focus.

Dr. Fernandez also enjoys the classroom environment and has taught Social Psychology, Testing & Measurements and Abnormal Psychology. Recently, she was a staff member at Gonzaga University in the psychology department and currently enjoys homeschooling her children.

The last decade has brought continued interest in attachment, mindfulness, yoga and exploration concerning individuals living in chronic pain. Mindful of resilience and loss within this community, Dr. Fernandez values the infinite worth of all. Deep Peace.